BIM 360 App – Sigma Estimates 3D 5D Cost Model Builder

Construction is so much more than the execution of design. It’s a complicated, labour intensive and highly complex process to bring a construction project to life. There is – what sometimes feels like – an never-ending stream of documents and demands; requirements from the owners, conceptual models and documents from architects and engineers, then the General Contractors take those to create even more documents and requirements – and the same for subcontractors and trades. Thousands of pieces of information and elements go into a project, and it is increasingly important for all stakeholders to connect across the project to stay on schedule, on budget and within scope.

That’s why Autodesk has worked to bring 360 BIM to help teams to have access to the information they need, when they need it. And that’s why Sigma is very proud to announce that what started as an idea during the summer of 2017 is now officially approved as one of the first BIM 360 Apps in the Autodesk BIM 360 store, and will be available when Autodesk University is on in Las Vegas this week.

The BIM 360 integration app is another step in connecting Sigma with the world, cementing Sigma as a true 5D platform which combines data from many sources for estimating, quality assurance and subsequent processing.

We will be at the BIM 360 partner booth Construct and Connect at Autodesk University tomorrow afternoon from 4-6 pm, making the first demonstrations of how the Sigma Estimates BIM 360 3D 5D Cost Model Builder can help users build a complete 3D-5D BIM/VDC model in a few clicks.

Can’t wait to share more about this exciting venture!

Find a few guides:

Or  watch a short product video to learn how it works and how it can bring value to you