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About this blog

As you might know it has been a long and exciting journey with Sigma, since we back in the nineties first started working on the idea of creating a tool that captured the user experience and flexibility of spreadsheets, and at the same time was organized underneath like databases. To do so we used Microsoft Excel as the guiding line for functionality and user interface and build an object-oriented database that was inspired by state of the art software programming methods and machine learning algorithms.

My co-founder, Thomas’s, father was a director in a well sized construction company and together with them the first version was brought to life to use in all construction business to ease the work of estimation, documentation and quotations.

Sigma has grown into more than we could have hoped for and we keep adding new features and solving new problems every day.

We are extremely fascinated by where the industry is heading today with BIM and are excited to be part of this next chapter. However, as we reflect on our journey and the different challenges we have explored for small and large companies alike, there are still a lot of those same issues present that got us fired up in the first place. We have collected a wealth of experiences by getting close to our customers and learning about their challenges and hopes for the future.

I decided to create this blog to share thoughts and what we have learned, and maybe pass on some tips and tricks that you can use for taking estimating and BIM/VDC to the next level; in this time and age where saving time, being proactive, being collaborative and being more accurate is highly critical, making sure your projects and your company stand a chance in an industry where the margins for error are very small.

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