Save time with a tool built to support your specific needs

In our view, software only works to help users if it really understands what it’s trying to solve. We specifically set out to build a platform that makes it possible to deliver successful construction projects for all levels of users. Take Excel, for example, which is a very general purpose tool. It wouldn’t understand if the user is making a document for a construction project or a questionnaire. Therefore, it can’t assist you with the goals involved in your work. Sigma is specifically tailored and adapted for the way that construction professionals work. It knows that you need to find a cost price, figure out overhead and profit, etc., so all those features are built right in based on the experience of daily work for construction estimating.

Sigma is tailored for construction and adapted for the way construction professionals work – not the other way around. A few examples; Sigma will accommodate and support users whether they are used to pen/paper or Excel. Sigma offers an option that is built up to look and feel a lot like excel as a first hand impression – to provide a sense of familiarity – while at the same time being much more efficient and eliminating the risk of calculation mistakes.

Sigma integrates with other industry programs like Planswift or Revit to provide 1-click takeoffs and visual understanding of connections between 3D and 5D models. Sigma also integrates with RSMeans data which offers an opportunity to build on recognized construction cost information from square foot to detailed 5D data that adds cost, activities, production rates, durations, descriptions and much more.

Although it sounds and (to some extend) acts like a big enterprise, custom built system, Sigma is really intuitive and easy to use. We usually say that our customers can build a simple estimates within 10 minutes of downloading the software.

And once they are up and running, we’ve asked our users over the years how much time they’ve saved by using Sigma. The answers range from 50% to 80% saved time on estimating. Not only does that result in more estimates, and thus more opportunities for your business, but it also gives you a little extra time to validate that what you’re doing is correct (resulting in fewer mistakes).

Find out exactly how much time you’ll save switching to Sigma by downloading the free trial today. In just ten minutes, you’ll have the basic knowledge of using Sigma to make an estimate.