About us

Sigma Estimates is not about your usual story

The idea behind Sigma grew from a real need for something to ease the workload associated with Construction Projects.

Co founders Magnus and Thomas studied computer programming and engineering together. Thomas’ father had a construction company and Thomas worked with him to prepare estimates and quotes. Thomas grew increasingly frustrated with the amount of tedious repetitions, time spent, the constant checking and re-checking of numbers, and counting lines, objects etc. and Still never feeling 100% certain that there wasn’t a number in there somewhere he had missed, or a broken link that could eat into the profits of his fathers business.

Thomas and Magnus often talked about how there must be a better and more efficient way to deal with cost estimation for the construction industry. From there grew a vision to build a tool…. INSERT VISION STATEMENT

This was back in the 1990’ies and after many years working on perfecting a tool to truly help construction professionals, Sigma Estimates was finally launched in 2003. Since then it has grown exponentially in terms of functionalities and capabilities as they have worked with customers and partners and discovered (INSERT something about challenges and industry knowledge) – but always remained true to its core belief that a tool should adapt to the way people in construction estimating work so it becomes easy and intuitive to perform task and deliver great results, rather than trying to change the way people work to make it fit some pre-existing model that is less than ideal.

Today, Sigma is one of the most user-friendly estimating programs you’ll find.  With only basic computer skills, you’ll find that it’s possible to save up to 85% less time estimating than you ever have before.

Sigma Estimates’ primary objective is to continually develop and improve estimating software in the construction industry.  In a larger context, Sigma aims to be the ultimate and only tool you need to streamline and manage all work processes in the most efficient manner possible.